Pandas and Scientific Python

What's here are materials for a series of talks in Pandas. It's quite rough so far but you may find some of it useful.

Matplotlib Hacking Some hacking on Matplotlib. Trying out some things on a dataset I created from Google BigQuery.

Creating Test DataFrames Some numpy ndarray --> dataframe tricks I've learned and forget if I'm away from them long enough.

Indexing Data You call this an article? No, I call it some really detailed notes and a todo list. It needs to grow an arm and go to finishing school to be an article.

Using Pandasql A part of the whole Indexing Data topic.

Avoiding the Extra Column in Pandas DataFrame.to_csv A useful one off article. Could be a blog post.

Data Cleaning and Formatting in Pandas. A single example on a topic that could be fleshed out a good deal more.