Python Beginner's Session - String Manipulation and Regular Expressions

  • History - "Computer" originally a person, who did math. Mathematical orientation stuck BUT...
  • Much of what we do is String manipulation. Think of what's involved in placing an order online.

Strings are everywhere

Think about the simple act of filling out an online form and ordering something.

  • Web page you're ordering from is a mixture of CSS and HTML, which are strings that a program likely manipulated at some point. (Plus some images).
  • Your address information, credit card number, phone number, zip code etc. even though they contain numbers are all stored as strings, as are the item numbers of the things you're ordering, which are encrypted and sent to the server.

Phones used to be about our voices

Now we send text. Stored as? Strings!

Tip to quickly become proficient in a new programming language.

Focus on how strings are formatted, changed, manipulated.