Online Python Learning Groups

Would you like to get together from time to time to learn more about Python from others who are also improving their Python skills? If so, you've come to the right place.

What This Site Is

My name is John Lockwood, and I'm hosting this site to help me achieve two of my goals:

  • First, I want to improve my skil at Python by writing about it as I dig further into it.
  • I want to begin shifting my career focus from "doing software devleopment" (which I've done since 1993 or so), to "helping others learn about software development".

What We're Working On:

We are working on forming two groups. We can start meeting any time. The first will be focused on Python for Beginners.

The second group will be for those who are interested in broadening their skill and knowledge of Python, especially as it relates to tools in the SciPy stack like NumPy and Pandas, and many related projects such as Jupyter (with which this site is published), SageMath, SciKitLearn, and TensorFlow. My rough notes for this topic are in the Pandas section.

Contact for more information.